Beignets & Coffee: A Louisiana classic

Don’t worry, I asked the same question: What are beignets?

Beignets are a yummy little square of dough that are deep-fried and covered in powdered sugar.

Who would turn that down, right?

So, during my short 12 hour stay in Shreveport, Louisiana my trusty travel partner, Hannah, insisted that we get these southern ‘donuts’ before we left. I used to work at a donut shop in Kalamazoo, MI so I wasn’t going to miss out on this- I am a huge fan of baked goods.

We simply looked up places serving beignets on Yelp and came across a local restaurant called Marilynn’s Place. They were rated almost 5 stars on the site so we headed out. It was located just a short drive from the highway off in a neighborhood area. Honestly, the location was not what I expected for a highly rated restaurant. In fact, we passed by it twice because it wasn’t even recognizable from the road! It literally looked like a run-down gas station.


Travel Tip: Never judge a book by it’s cover. 

Once we finally found it, we walked into one of the most authentic restaurants I have ever seen. It is clear that they focus on their food and experience rather than having fancy decor. Marilynn’s is a very open space with an industrial feel and lots of character.


We stepped up to the counter and placed our order for their special, ‘coffee & beignets’. It was really neat because the kitchen is an open concept right behind the register so you can see everything being made fresh!

While waiting for our breakfast, we observed that Marilynn’s has a full bar, an outdoor patio, and a place for live music.

Finally, they called up our order and the beignets were everything I dreamed off. They were light like a cloud and literally melted in my mouth. Fun fact, beignets are typically served in threes but I could have eaten way more.

Do yourself a favor and stop at this authentic Louisiana kitchen for some sweet treats- your tummy will thank you.

Love always,



What is your favorite southern snack? Let me know by e-mailing !

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