My Favorite Wanderlust Cure

Whenever I am feeling a bit wander-lusty, I like to find alternative ways to learn about other places on the map. While I do love a good book, one of my favorite ways is to binge watch my favorite travel shows.

Travel shows give you a nice glimpse of other cultures, and a great way to get ideas for your next trip!

You can find travel shows catering to your specific interests like food, real-estate, or culture. Here are a list of my top 4 international travel shows:

4. Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father


Well-known for his stand-up comedy, Jack Whitehall takes the “gap year” he never had and tows his father along for the ride.

Michael Whitehall naturally provides much of the comedy as he wears a suit for the majority of the show, lacks cultural intelligence, and may or may not detest his own flesh and blood.

Definitely more of a casual light-hearted travelogue. A great show to pop on while cooking or to de-stress after a long day at work!

Where to watch: Netflix

3. Departures


This show takes a very realistic approach to traveling with friends. One of the two men featured on the show is outgoing and has a jump-right-in attitude. The other guy is more reserved and observant. Together they push each other to take risks and see each location to it’s entirety.

If you enjoy documentary style travel-adventure shows, add all three seasons of Departures to your Netflix list!

Where to watch: Netflix

2. House Hunters: International


While the accuracy of this show is to be debated, I do believe it gives a slight glimpse into the way of life in other countries. Real-estate can be very telling; some countries value functionality, others value the outdoors, and some are all about luxury.

H.H International is interesting and engaging (like really, Julie? Do you neeeed three bathrooms in your tiny apartment in the city-center of Amsterdam?)

Where to watch: HGTVHULU

1. Idiot Abroad


This show is an absolute masterpiece.

The setting is quite typical- producers send a man around the world to try new things. The one thing however that sends this one to the top of my list.. CARL PILKINGTON.

Carl is absolutely unfiltered and totally oblivious. He says everything we want to say when experiencing things that are weird or different from our norm. Carl is the little voice inside of every travelers head.. the difference is, we don’t say it out loud.

If you love to laugh, catch seasons 1-3 of this series.

How To Watch: Amazon , Netflix

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